K I D S  A R T  W O R K S H O P S 

During the summer, winter and Easter holidays from 2016 to 2019 I facilitated and ran a series of art workshops for local and family friends children at my home. In 2017 I held them for local kids at my Godmother's holiday home at Sturgeon Lake in Canada, Ontario.  

The workshops were aimed at children from the ages of 6-13. involved a range of activities including print making, expressive painting, pom pom making, Matisse style cut outs and felt making.


My aim was to encourage an opening for creativity amongst children especially in such a digital age and provide them with a space to express themselves freely, without judgment.

I found the workshops very rewarding. They heavily influenced my own work and perspective of the world as I went on to create my expressive inner-child collection 'Never Grow Up.. Always Down' for my degree show.

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