R E P U R P O S E D  

G A R M E N T  P R I N T I N G

As part of my Graduate Collection I experimented with printing onto repurposed garments such as shirt sleeves and front panels. I wanted to be more mindful with my use of materials so I decided to use fabrics that have had a previous life.   

I layered up digital dye sublimation with screen print techniques and vinyl embellishment. I found this combination gave my designs more depth and excitement.

Up-cycled polyester fleece sleeves

Following the theme of 'Inner- child Expression' I played with the idea of juxtaposing the mundane and corporate with a vibrant child-like energy.


This is why I have chosen office attire to print over. I wanted to depict a feeling of the inner-child  trying to escape from a grown-up who has been conditioned to suppress it.   

Layering vinyl strips